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About Us

Since 2007


It was back home in Navsari, India where Rekhaben recalls learning to cook. Gaining skills and tips from her mother (Kusumben Narothamdas Lumbhani), she grew accustomed to the various styles of Gujarati cooking from a young age.

When she moved to Leicester her love for creating home-cooked meals never faded. It provided her with a purpose and satisfaction, which in turn encouraged her to explore a new business path.

In April 2007, Rekhaben turned her passion into a profession and opened up her first catering unit called 4 Seasons Catering. Here, with one other staff member, she made freshly prepared tiffin’s and offered a home delivery service for a cost of £3.50. In the first year, 4 Seasons Catering consisted of around 10-15 people’s tiffin on a daily basis, after which it grew and was delivering over 100 tiffin’s around Leicester. As the business started to flourish, 4 Seasons Catering recruited a further three staff members to meet the demand.

In September 2008, 4 Seasons Catering received an opportunity when they were approached by the Jain Centre to cater for 4,000 people for 10 days for Navratri. 4 Seasons Catering team worked tirelessly for 10 days making large amount’s of food daily. This amazing opportunity had given a newfound confidence, and from there; 4 Seasons Catering stopped the tiffin deliveries and focused on the bigger catering orders, since then they have never looked back.

4 Seasons Catering take on parties and weddings orders around the country as well as corporate work for local charities including Age Concern and Vista. In 2014, 4 Seasons Catering provided food for MP’s who visited Leicester for the Uganda Reunion, they loved the food so much that in 2015 4 Seasons Catering were invited to 10 Downing Street in London, this was one of their biggest achievements.

In 2012, they opened a restaurant called 4 Seasons Chaat House, a vegetarian restaurant on Leicester’s famous Golden Mile which offers a delicious fusion of Gujarati, Punjabi, and Chinese dishes.

Being recognised and acknowledged by thousands of customers all over the UK for last 12 years. In 2019, 4 Seasons Catering were nominated as a Finalist in the Britian’s Asian Wedding Award 2019. 4 Seasons Catering would like to take this opportunity to Thank all their customers for nominating them.